The Victorian Desalination Project

Operations & Maintenance

Introducing Watersure

Watersure is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Victorian Desalination Project through to September 2039 under contract to AquaSure.

A team of more than 80 people staff the plant to ensure that the plant is capable of supplying up to 150 billion litres of high quality drinking water annually to Melbourne, Geelong and local regional communities if required. When not producing water, a comprehensive maintenance program guarantees the plant is available to produce water when the need arises.

All living locally, the highly experienced and skilled workforce is made up of a number of distinct teams:

  • Shift operators - teams of two operators and a coordinator are rostered on 24 hours a day 7 days a week to ensure that all aspects of operations are continuously monitored.
  • A day shift team that is responsible for daily operations and maintenance across site and the pipeline
  • Mechanical and Electrical & Instrumentation technicians manage maintenance across the plant and pipeline
  •  A process team ensures the production of very high quality water according to contractual standards

Stores, HR, Finance, Administration, Planned Maintenance Scheduling and other tasks that ensure the plant is operated and maintained at the highest standards are carried out by the rest of the staff.

What Watersure does:

The operations and maintenance contract extends until September 2039. During this period Watersure will:

  • Operate and maintain the plant, seawater tunnels, pipeline, and ecological reserve
  • Continuously up skill our workforce
  • Maintain best practice standards across our operations
  • Liaise with community members
  • Support science focussed educational opportunities in the local community through a scholarship program, work experience programs and provide support where applicable to local organisations and
  • Ensure community access to 225 Ha ecological reserve

Who are our parents?

Watersure brings together the skills and expertise of SUEZ in the design and operation of water treatment facilities and the experience of Ventia in the delivery of water services.


SUEZ makes the best use of water and waste by providing smart and reliable resource management solutions for towns, cities, business and industry.

Our local team provides solutions that supply seven million Australians with safe drinking water, divert 880,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year, and enable the oil and gas sector to process resources in a sustainable and efficient way.


Ventia is one of the largest essential infrastructure services providers in Australia and New Zealand and operates across a broad range of industry segments, including defence, social infrastructure, water, electricity and gas, environmental services resources, telecommunications and transport.

Its water capabilities span the full water cycle from supply catchments and waterways to distribution. Ventia operate and maintain desalination, potable water treatment, sewage treatment and recycle plants, and associated water and sewer networks.