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Environmental Management Plan

The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) covers the design, construction, operation and maintenance phases of each project component. The EMP identifies the key environmental issues across the project and provides strategies and plans for managing them effectively. It also defines the legal requirements for the project and identifies the regulatory permits and licences required for construction activities.

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Marine Structures Works Approval

EPA Victoria provided approval to AquaSure to proceed with construction of the marine outlet and diffuser structures for the Victorian Desalination Project. As part of EPA’s assessment AquaSure was required to submit final plans and specifications, results of a biological survey, hydrodynamic modelling and a toxicity assessment supporting the final location of the marine outlet and design of the diffuser structures. These documents, including technical reports and drawings, can be viewed below.



Noise Emissions Works Approval

EPA Victoria has advised AquaSure that the design of the Victorian Desalination Project meets the EPA’s performance requirements relating to noise emissions. As part of EPA’s assessment AquaSure was required to submit noise propagation modelling, site plans and equipment specifications. This information is contained in the following documentation.